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off white

Subtlety, the 90’s and Virgin Abloh’s Off-White concept continue to effect the newer iterations of the Jordan 1 Nike is putting on the sneaker market. 2Muchsol3, an instagram user shared a pic of what he claims is the Air Jordan 1 Turbo Green rumored to be  releasing in January of 2019. What caught my attention was the writing on the sides of the shoes; if you look closely at the mid section, you’ll find the phrase ” SP 19 Air Jordan 1 High OG”. This is without a shadow of a doubt another by-product of the Off-White collection. The shoes were also manufactured with theRead More →

I wrote a couple of posts about the Off -White and its indirect effect on the current state of the sneaker industry, see link below Nike’s Off White Collection Might’ve Opened A Can Of Worms Registration for the Off White Converse Chuck Taylor 1970 has opened and you can enter it via END. RAFFLE INFORMATION Converse All Star x OFF White 1970 Hi STYLE#162204C ENTER RAFFLE NOW VIA END-CLICK HERE ENTER RAFFLE NOW VIA SNS-CLICK HERE You can also buy them on eBay now from our featured sellers, refer to the listings belowRead More →

Last year Nike’s Off White collection has set in motion a range of things that might be detrimental to many brands. I don’t mind the idea of being creative that Virgin Abloh and many others have adopted, but folks don’t see the impending consequences that come with it. There are good ones and bad ones; on one hand artists/customizers are now thriving- we’ve all been treated to countless custom off white themed sneakers, and to be honest a substantial number of the them look better than the actual collection from Nike. HUYCUSTOMS x Off White Adidas Yeezy 350, Would You Rock Em? On the otherRead More →

Many are still recovering from striking out of the Virgin Abloh X Nike Collection a few days ago. There is no doubt that more people were upset because they were banking on flipping the Off White sneakers for their Christmas shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of folks who also wanted to actually wear the shoes, but the masses were more interested in the monetary gains the shoes could’ve provided. Well it seems like more sneaker brands are jumping on the Off White bandwagon- Virgin Abloh and Vans  have an upcoming Vans X Off White collection. Images of the collection have surfacedRead More →

Yesterday I shared a post about the very first openly fake Yeezy store in China; I’m amazed that this store hasn’t been shut down but during one of my conversations with Chris from ARCH, he said, It isn’t easy to shut down these bootleg stores in China without a lengthy lawsuit, their laws are different than ours I may not have quoted him right but he said something along those lines. So I think I now understand why the replica market is booming in that part of the world. Nike’s collaboration with Virgin Abloh, the Off -White , the Ten collection has been the talkRead More →

I don’t know which one is worse, Meek Mill rocking a pair of Nike Uptempo while a poster boy for Puma or V. Abloh with the Yeezy Wave Runner. For the past month and half , the sneaker community has been talking about Abloh’s Nike Off-white collection, and what does he do? His sorry tail steps out with a pair of Yeezy Runner on his feet. I’m not the smartest individual on earth but it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that this was a poor move. He is entitled to wear or do whatever he wants; and  I’m not sure what kind of agreementRead More →

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