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michael jordan sneakers

What I’m about to say in the next couple of paragraphs is entirely based on my own interpretation based on past observations and my background in mathematics. Jordan Brand dropped the Jordan 11 win like 96 incognito  a few days ago in select locations. It was to be expected because the same thing was done with its predecessor, the Jordan 11 win like 82. I was at my local mall a week and a half ago and an older gentleman was inquiring about the Win like 96; he was very concerned about not securing a pair. I chuckled a bit and realized that he wasn’tRead More →

The amount of nonsense keeps piling up as Jordan Brand desperately tries to revive its cultic appeal. On one hand, they are  eliminating products that do not work, and on the other hand they are completely undoing everything they preach. 2018 is supposed to take JB back to its golden days when Jordan Retros were as french people call it-oiseau rare ( a time where Jordan Retros had the same effect Supreme products carry). I think its brilliant for the brand to want to reestablish itself in that manner but several shoes on their current release calendar leave a lot to be desired. The Air JordanRead More →

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