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Hoodie SZN Ep1 Locked In With Arsenal’s Rob Holding & Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony aka Melo has been subjected to tons of criticism but in my eyes he still remains one of the deadliest scorer the NBA has ever seen. What made him really lethal was his quick first step that allowed him to annihilate anyone in front of him. He mostly got his buckets from the high posts via jumpers and a series of moves that left his defender defenseless. The NBA has transitioned from the era of hero ball to spacing, volume shooting and fast break points and guys like Carmelo are part of a dying breed of players. I don’t think that his styleRead More →

I went and dug into Coach Nick’s old archives and was able to find a video comparing and contrasting  Carmelo Anthony’s role with the Knicks versus his role on the USA team in the FIBA tournament. It’s clear that  team USA is loaded with superstars playing against the rest of the world inferior competition; but one thing stood out: Melo was thriving in that system because all he was needed for was spotting up for wide open triples and scoring. With the Knicks, all we saw from Melo was a single individual literally carrying the whole team on his back as far as scoring wasRead More →

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