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jordan 18 royal

Here are quick ways to identify the fake air jrodan 18 white royal. Both sneakers used in this comparison are size 9.5. You can clearly see that the authentic pair’s panel material is more grainy and shiny than the fake one. If you look at the blue color on the midsole it is darker on the authentic pair than it is on the fake pair.  The tongue’s edges on the fake pair are more round ( see yellow rectangle). And the fake tongue has more bumps and wrinkles  on its surface. The wrinkles on the authentic pair are more subtle ( see yellow arrow).This isRead More →

The Air Jordan 18 XVIII Black Royal was my go to shoes between 2003 and 2004. I owned three pairs of these beauties and destroyed each one of them. I wore the heck out of them because I love them that much. I wrote a post several months ago inviting Jordan Brand to bring back certain models and the black royal 18 was one of them, refer to post below A Few Air Jordan Retros Jordan Brand Ought To Bring Back Brands have to keep it simple, shoes with an overall black upper will always be welcome with open arms. I haven’t personally purchased any Jordan retrosRead More →

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