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jordan 11 retro

The first episode of the Sneakerhead Tribune will feature one of the most coveted sneaker in MJ’s signature shoes, the Air Jordan 11 Concord. The story you’ll read below was written by Felexx Foxx, an avid collector  who owns about 82 pairs of the Jordan 11 style alone. Lets fast forward roughly 4 years to the very first “Jordan Retro” In this time my shoe size upgraded from a 9.0 to a 9.5. – As the frenzy began, this is what happened when then Air Jordan 11 (XI) Concords released. Second time around, the Air Jordan Retro 11 Concord was a hit and selling out within aRead More →

I already wrote two posts expressing my issue with the ridiculous $250 price tag on the Air Jordan 11 Cap And Gown, see post below Packaging Of The Prom Night Jordan 11 Revealed | $250 Still Unjustified Let’s now figure out how many pairs were produced by using my usual assumptions: .Footlocker and its derivatives ( FTA,Champs and Eastbay) receive about 1/4 of the total inventory .Each HOH location will be allocated about 18 pairs .Footlocker online will probably receive half of the inventory the physical locations are given I counted a total of 170 Footlocker stores ( probably HOH ) that are allocated an inventory.Read More →

There has been a shift in the sneaker market in the last couple of years, it’s no longer a reseller’s market but rather a buyer’s market. There are countless evidences Chris from ARCH and I️ have provided in that regard. We are talking from first hand experience because we ourselves are resellers or shall I️ say were resellers. We both understood the signs of the time and unfortunately the average reseller is still oblivious to what is taking place now in the market. I’m not bragging but I’d rather tell the truth than tingle your ears. If you’re getting your sneakers at a wholesale priceRead More →

What I’m about to say in the next couple of paragraphs is entirely based on my own interpretation based on past observations and my background in mathematics. Jordan Brand dropped the Jordan 11 win like 96 incognito  a few days ago in select locations. It was to be expected because the same thing was done with its predecessor, the Jordan 11 win like 82. I was at my local mall a week and a half ago and an older gentleman was inquiring about the Win like 96; he was very concerned about not securing a pair. I chuckled a bit and realized that he wasn’tRead More →

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