The Fake Air Jordan 3 Mocha Is Already Out- Beware

you’ve probably heard my Air Jordan 3 mocha story several times; for those who haven’t I bought them for $79.99 in 2003 from Lakeforest Champs store in montgomery county. The Mocha 3 is making a […]

Fake Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle Flight Jacket Spotted- Quick Ways To Identify Them

I haven’t done one of theses Real VS Fake comparisons for a while; and I’ll admit that the busting these fakes is getting harder by the minute and it requires a lot of paying attention […]

Fake Or Authentic? Sneakers That’ll Make You Go Huh !!!

Most of you are aware of the comparisons I do between authentic and fake sneakers; every now and then I receive interesting feedback from Youtube users and one particular response caught my attention last week. It […]