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demar derozan

Nike ought to reach out to Kobe as soon as possible. Why am I saying that? I watched both Kobe’s Muse and Kobe Doin  Work  documentaries years ago and after watching them, I realized what separated the Black Mamba from his peers. He not only plays the game of basketball with ferocity but he actually knows how to read the tendencies of his opponent and capitalize on it ( his basketball IQ has no ceiling). Those attributes made him unguardable even when his athleticism was subsiding. Kobe has literally put himself in the Toronto vs Washington series and tells his audience how he would attack theRead More →

I’ve been saying the same thing about every basketball signature shoe Nike has put on the market as of late. If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ll notice that Paul George Nike PG2, Westbrook’s Air Jordan 1 Why Not zero.1 and the latest Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro were engineered with the three athletes totally involved in the process. Nike’s main goal has always been and will always be performance. Although basketball shoes ‘sales have stalled , I think 2018 will paint a new picture as Nike is figuring out ways to connect with the consumer on a more intimate level. The brand isRead More →

The Toronto Raptors have an 8 and 5 records so far and are definitely a top 3 seed in the weak East. I really thought they were going to be awful this year defensively ( since they traded Biyombo) but to my surprise, they are doing OK. I think some of the team’s success is due to the fact that they have remained pretty much unchanged; hence players know each other’s tendencies. They also have a solid bench with guys like Terrence Ross, Cory  Joseph, etc.. But the team main’s success relies heavily on key players like Kyle Lowy and Derozan. Demar Derozan is knownRead More →

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