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carmelo anthony

Carmelo Anthony’s sojourn with Westbrook and the OKC Thunder wasn’t very successful and frankly no one is to be blamed for it. Melo’s lack of effort on the defensive end  is the subject of a lot of criticism and people tend to forget that he is still very lethal offensively. When utilized properly, Anthony is a great asset for any team looking to contend for a title. I think going to the Rockets was a great move for Melo -he will not need to isolate as much; but more importantly he will be playing with a true point guard in Chris Paul. In today’s editionRead More →

At this point, the NBA has become a circus and most teams are looking to create their own version of the Big 3, but does it really matter when they have to face the Big 5 ( I’m referring to the Warriors starting unit). I just thought about something as I typed the last sentence, Houston’s defeat at home to the Warriors was partly because Cp3 wasn’t on the floor According to the NBA, Carmelo Anthony is planning on joining the Houston Rockets and will sign a one-year $2.4 million deal. Do I think they’ll be the  top seed in the West this season again? IRead More →

Carmelo Anthony’s season opener with OKC was against his former team, the New York Knicks. It was clear during the off-season that the Knicks wanted to go in a different direction. Phil’s Jackson was fired  and the players never really bought into the triangle offense. The arrival of Porzingis was a sign of new things to come when he joined the team 2 years ago. The game started off with OKC pushing the pace as usual , putting a lot of pressure on the Knicks defense, Melo and PG13 didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on open shots. They couldn’t connect on their very firstRead More →

Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul have a large mass appeal and both are Jordan brand signees, but neither one has been able to successfully convert their fan base into loyal buyers of their signature shoes. Nike CEO Mark Parker has been preaching the Edit To Amplify for quite some time now and we are beginning to see the campaign being implemented. Basically the Edit To Amplify aims to do away with products that do not work and Melo’s signature shoes fall right in that category. Jordan hybrids have always been perceived as the “poor man Retro” and are usually shunned by the masses. Melo’s sneakersRead More →

I went and dug into Coach Nick’s old archives and was able to find a video comparing and contrasting  Carmelo Anthony’s role with the Knicks versus his role on the USA team in the FIBA tournament. It’s clear that  team USA is loaded with superstars playing against the rest of the world inferior competition; but one thing stood out: Melo was thriving in that system because all he was needed for was spotting up for wide open triples and scoring. With the Knicks, all we saw from Melo was a single individual literally carrying the whole team on his back as far as scoring wasRead More →

News broke a few days ago about Melo joining the OKC Thunder and I dreaded checking my facebook feeds for some time. I got enough courage to log on  yesterday and sure enough, it was filled with self- proclaimed basketball minds babbling about the Thunder being worse with Melo because Westbrook and Paul George were all ISO ( isolation ) players. People talk as if General Managers don’t know anything about basketball. The same thing was said of Lebron, Wade and Bosh- will they coexist? The league has changed and for any team to have a chance to contend, it must have a minimum ofRead More →

I came across a pair of air Jordan 10 Melo Knicks PE Custom and I had to share it. Melo himself was spotted rocking the official pair sometimes last year in the Madison Square Arena. I believe the base shoes were the Jordan 10 steel grey. The shoes’ colors emulate the New York Knicks classic orange and blue jersey uniform.The midsole, eyestay, inner liner as well as the back pull tab are covered in  orange and blue. From the toebox to the heel counter, the artist keeps the original white color and then adds Melo’s signature # 7 with a hollow tip on both outer sideRead More →

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