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air jordan 18

Here are quick ways to identify the fake air jrodan 18 white royal. Both sneakers used in this comparison are size 9.5. You can clearly see that the authentic pair’s panel material is more grainy and shiny than the fake one. If you look at the blue color on the midsole it is darker on the authentic pair than it is on the fake pair.  The tongue’s edges on the fake pair are more round ( see yellow rectangle). And the fake tongue has more bumps and wrinkles  on its surface. The wrinkles on the authentic pair are more subtle ( see yellow arrow).This isRead More →

I was going to write a post about the current market value of the Air Jordan 18 XVIII White Royal, but I stumbled upon a particular detail that changed the course of my post. To understand the current market value of a commodity, one must first study its availability. So my first homework is to see how limited the shoes are. And to check that I was looking at Nike’s distribution channels mainly Footlocker and its derivatives. Look at the picture below, it’s a screenshot of four retailers January Release Calendar OBSERVATIONS If you look closely at each store release calendar, you’ll notice that for DTLRRead More →

Jordan Brand is digging into their archives and resurrecting some of the sneakers that were released toward the end of MJ’s career . One of those was the White & Blue Air Jordan 18 which the GOAT rocked while a member of the Washington Wizards. JB must have read the article I wrote suggesting them to bring some classics back, among which were the 18’s. Well who knows , I’m just speculating. The shoes were originally released in 2003 in the Wizards white and blue jersey colors. These were one of the first Jordan signature shoes with a futuristic aesthetic. They were primarily built for performanceRead More →

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