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air jordan 11 prom night

I already wrote two posts expressing my issue with the ridiculous $250 price tag on the Air Jordan 11 Cap And Gown, see post below Packaging Of The Prom Night Jordan 11 Revealed | $250 Still Unjustified Let’s now figure out how many pairs were produced by using my usual assumptions: .Footlocker and its derivatives ( FTA,Champs and Eastbay) receive about 1/4 of the total inventory .Each HOH location will be allocated about 18 pairs .Footlocker online will probably receive half of the inventory the physical locations are given I counted a total of 170 Footlocker stores ( probably HOH ) that are allocated an inventory.Read More →

I wrote a post about a month ago concerning the $250 price tag on the Air Jordan 11 prom night, see link below. Why Is Nike Charging $250 For The Air Jordan 11 XI Prom Night?  I was basically  trying to figure out if there were any valid reasons why Nike was charging $250 for the shoes. And one of the reasons I mentioned was packaging;  it seems like the official pictures of the accessories /package the shoes are coming with were released today and the $250 price tag still can’t be justified. The box being used now has been the standard box ever sinceRead More →

The Air Jordan 11 XI prom night is supposedly going to retail for $250. You already know what I’m thinking- Why? As I sat in front of computer I considered several possibilities that will lead Nike to charge as much as $250 for these upcoming 11’s and I wanted to share that with you. Nike had  good reasons to charge a little bit extra for the Air Jordan Remastered edition, because they were made with premium materials. When I look at the Air Jordan 11 XI Prom Night, there is no indication that they are built with materials that are superior to the previous 11’s released.Read More →

Nike’s intentions are getting clearer with every release the brand is throwing at us. I think one of the major moves Nike is making at this point is directed toward the youth. The brand has lost a fair share of this age group to Adidas in light of the recent shift in trends. Take a trip to your local mall, station yourself in front of every shoe store and run the following uncontrolled experiment. You are going to have to use your common sense and figure out the ages of all people walking in and out the stores you are sampling. Record the sneakers eachRead More →

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