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air jordan 11 concord

I have been facing a dilemma  most folks running an independent site have to deal with. I love and enjoy sharing my insights about the sneaker world on this platform but most of the work that I do require a lot of time, thinking and resources ( man power ) and tools. While I find pleasure in doing this work, I also must find my daily bread by coming up with different ways of supplying my needs and consequently that takes away from me spending time writing more relevant content for the readers. I’m saying all this to say that I need your support toRead More →

I wrote a post in 2016 when the #45 Jordan 11 Space Jam was dropping, see link below. And ironically, the Space Jam went down as the biggest release from Nike, in other words the shoes flooded the market and still sold out. And months after they released, we kept being served with restocks after restocks. If you wonder why I’m saying all this, it’s because the #45 Concord 11’s are about to drop and I think they will make the Space Jam look like a walk in the park. The 2016 Space Jam 11 Marks The End Of The Jordan Retro Resellers Nike beganRead More →

I shared a post in August of 2017 with a brief presentation of Jordan Brand’s line up of 2018 and the motivation behind it , see link below Nike’s Edit To Amplify Is Definitely Reshaping The Upcoming Jordan Retro Releases We all knew that the Air Jordan 11 concord was going to return this year but no confirmed date was released till a rumor broke out yesterday. Social media outlets erupted with news of the Jordan 11 Concord release date. According to several sneaker blogs, the shoe is supposedly coming back in the month of October. Unless Nike confirms this date, I will consider this informationRead More →

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