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air jordan 1 black toe

Air Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe Be Worth $500, $700 Or More Current Trend

Yesterday I wrote projecting when the Air Jordan 1 Obsidian will hit the $500 in mid sizes in the third party marketplaces, if you’ve missed the post, see link below When Will The Air Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC 555088-140 Be Worth $500 or More? A few individuals on youtube asked me to run the numbers on the Women’s Air Jordan 1 Satin black toe and here it is. Collecting the data for this shoe was excruciating and I had to decide what sizes to study; I looked at the overall behavior of the shoe from September to November, and came up the following histograms toRead More →

I initially went out this morning for some scouting but what started as a mundane activity ended up giving me a glimpse of what the future of the sneaker market as it pertains to third party marketplaces might look like. I will invite you to watch the video in its entirety and give me your genuine take on this topic.    Read More →

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