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I already wrote a post about the numbered version of the Air Jordan 1 NRG Homage To Home several weeks ago, see link below How Will The 2300 Pairs Of The Air Jordan 1 Homage To Home Be Split? The numbered version was limited to 2300 pairs and my gut feeling is telling me that Nike has probably produced 23,000 pairs of the GR edition. I want to be more than just pragmatic so let’s try to see if we can come up with a reliable estimate mathematically. So far, assuming that Footlocker & its derivatives ( FTA, Champs, Eastbay) receive (1/3 or 1/4) of theRead More →

We are beginning to witness the direct effect of the Nike’s Edit To Amplify campaign. A couple of months ago, I shared a post asserting that Nike’s Edit to Amplify push was going to reshape most of the upcoming Jordan Retro releases and it has begun to materialize. For those who aren’t aware of the phrase, the Edit to Amplify aims at doing away with the products that do not work. Basically Nike wants to cut out anything that is not generating any sales/profit to put it into raw terms. With the background set, i’m not surprised that Jordan Brand is planning on dropping a pairRead More →

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