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Nike Airquent, As If Adulterating the Uptempo Wasn’t Enough

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The Nike Airquent leaves little to be desired, I understand that Virgin Abloh’s free spirited concept is trending now but certain classic models need to be left alone. Nike has already done enough damage to one of the best shoes of the 90’s, the uptempo. I wrote several posts expressing my discontent, see article below

Nike Managed To Ruin The Nike Air More Uptempo

But it seems as if consumers’s complaints are falling on deaf ears, folks at Nike could even borrow a thing or two from bootleggers, I think they are more creative than the brand itself, see this post below

These Variant Kaws X Air More Uptempo’s Could Be A Great Project For Nike

The pressure to flood the market with so many new types of silhouettes is so darn high that checks and balances are disregarded. This pair of Nike Airquent is a travesty and should have never made it to the exhibition room. It’s an insult to the already adulterated uptempo and Nike should’ve started the damage control by now. It comes down to this, Nike can do whatever the HECK Nike wants because Nike is Nike. This could be an opportunity from newer smaller brands to make a push because of the lack of creativity on Nike’s part. I won’t even tell you the date the Air -Trash-Quent is releasing, this is the only 15 minutes  of glory this shoe will ever get on this site.

tayib salami

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