More Colorways Of The Grant Hill Fila 95 & 96 Are In The Making

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I’ve made an observation concerning Fila and Champion that I shared a couple of weeks ago and this Instagram post from the great Grant Hill just confirmed it. For the sake of protecting our assets, I choose not  to disclose it at the moment. Grant Hill is one of those great NBA players that was plagued with injuries; despite his nagging ankle problems, I think he still had a great NBA career. He was a very explosive player with an array of moves that couldn’t be guarded. Living in Togo ( West Africa) at a peak of Grant Hill’s reign, I couldn’t afford any of his signature shoes and my only consolation was gazing at them via magazines. So for people like me, when Hill shares a pic like that on Instagram and add the caption

Uh oh!! @filausa sending me boxes of shoes like it’s ’98? Watch out!!

It brings back tons of memories and that’s exactly what Fila is aiming to do with it via Grant Hill. The 90’s are definitely trending now and it’s a perfect opportunity for brands that defined that era to make a strong comeback. I don’t know when the shoes you see in the pic below are going to be available to the general publish but stay tuned for further updates.

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