Is It Possible To Stop Sneaker Bots From Taking Over The Next Sneaker Raffle ?

sneaker bots
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Sneaker heads all over the world express their discontent via social medial outlets in the past 24 hours when it was discovered that two people were literally able to snatch about 100 + pairs of the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Fragment  via their powerful and very very efficient  sneaker bots, see screenshot below
two sneaker bots won over 100 pairs of travis scott air jordan 1 fragment
The problem with sneaker bots’ users is their lack of discretion. Their pride, thirst and hunger for recognition lead them to disclose everything they do. Or maybe it’s just a calculated and strategic move. Perhaps this is their way of marketing their services (bots). Their success stories is a great testimony for their products. I will get back to that shortly . Based on the report that I read , each of these two individuals were able to create  25, 000 and 32,000 entries respectively. Let’s see what that looks like mathematically. Let’s make some quick assumptions and run some numbers. Let say there are about 300,000 people who entered the raffle for the Travis Scott air Jordan 1 Fragment. So we’ll call these two individuals Bot X and Bot Y. Let’s also assume that the rest of the population was only able to place 1 entry at most per person. Now let’s see what the probability of winning looks like for Bot X, Bot Y and a single individual
Bot X alone has 25,000 entries so his probability of winning is 25,000/300,000 or 8.33% 
 Bot Y alone has 32,000 entries so his probability of winning is 32,000/300,000 or 10.67%
The individual with one entry has a single entry and his probability of winning is 1/300,000 or 0.0003%
So this isn’t a big secret, the more entries you have , the more chances you have of winning.

Level The Ground

Now let me get back to what I was saying earlier. To stop your enemy, you must sometimes become your enemy. The only way to stop the bot is to become a bot. If every individual looking to score a hyped sneaker decides to create multiple entries , it evens out the probability of winning and everything becomes equitable. The tech guys behind the bots aren’t really after the money they can make by reselling sneakers; but they are really trying to sell their bots. What do you think is going to happen this week ? Everyone is going to go after whatever bot the two individuals in question utilized to score such a big number of pairs. So the real flip is the sneaker bot flip. The programmers are going to come up with a bot that will outdo the other in terms of increasing the number of entries per raffle. The bots might be on their last legs. Self destruction is one way the bots will not longer be as efficient.

Flood The Market

The other way is for sneaker brands to flood the market and stop this nonsense of making a limited amount of  sneakers. After all  the shoes are going to sell out and the brands still get to capitalize on them.

Redefine Sneaker Culture

But in my opinion, the easiest and logical way to combat sneaker bots is to redefine  what a true sneakerhead is. I can’t fathom how with the variety of  amazing brands  and products on the market, folks still manage to  have a tunnel vision. They insist on buying the same redundant sneakers from Nike and Adidas and throw tantrums like  three year olds because they couldn’t get their hands on the latest Travis Scott Jordan 1. How about buying a pair of On, Vans, Avia, LA Gear just to name these. They are just as good and actually  better when it comes to functionality and aesthetic. The bots’ war is going to get worse and soon, you’re going to need a bot to be able to afford a sneaker bot in order to get a chance to buy a sneaker.

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