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Should You Prepare To Flip? JORDAN BRAND Unveils Retro Styles for Fall 2017

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA

This fall, Jordan Brand reimagines, recreates and reintroduces iconic silhouettes that celebrate Air Jordan style on and off the court.

Source: Nike News – JORDAN BRAND Unveils Select Retro Styles for the Fall Season

There are a lot of kicks in this post and the last time I attempted to analyze the spring drops in a big post, I failed miserably.

Should You Prepare To Flip? Jordan Brand Summer Includes Air Jordan 11 Retro Low and a Long Awaited Retro 7

What I failed to consider was that Jordan Brand and Nike would continue to flood the market with kicks making resale turn into dookie. I want to give these the same amount of time I gave the Summer drop above.  The problem is I think we all know the answer… or do we? I thought the Jordan 2 Decon would be a flop, but I was dead wrong. The thing is that shoe was crazy limited and resale is almost a guarantee when a shoe is hard to find so maybe that doesn’t count. This time around we have more Decon 2s in much better colorways, but if it’s Nike’s M.O. (modus operandi) they will drop a ton of these and this time around the sell out thing, well let’s get to it.

Air Jordan 1 High OG Essential 

Nas pronounced that Hip-Hop was dead years ago and it was prophetic. We now have mumble rap and drug rap and both styles may be selling and people may be listening, but no one really cares enough to support it in a meaningful way. An all black retro 1, for back to school, will probably do very well because it’s all black. However, should you buy to flip? Nah, don’t put your money down on this one.

Air Jordan II Decon

I was dead wrong here:

Should You Buy To Flip? Air Jordan II Decon: The First Luxury Basketball Sneaker Gets Deconstructed

Seriously though, the Retro 2 has not been a very strong performer outside of the Eminem or DB. Overall the shoe simply doesn’t perform on the resale market. You could say that about almost every Jordan dropped this year though. I personally think these two shoes are excellent drops by the brand and could become the Air Force 1 Wheat of 2017. The AF1 Wheat remains one of the best resale shoes on the market. If the price on these remains at 160 and Nike doesn’t do anything stupid, I can actually see the Sail colorway hitting 219.99 – 250 a pair.

The Air Jordan VIII Gets Inspired by Classic Air Jordan Colorways (Cool Grey and Cement)

Classic colorways remain on classics. In other words why not drop the actual Cool Grey 11 if you want people to become excited by Jordan Brand? Why not drop the Retro 3 or 4 if you want someone to really get excited? Although these are dropping at the appropriate time in the fall, the 8 isn’t exactly making anyone excited unless it’s the OVO 8. Also something interesting happened with the Aqua 8 a couple of years ago. It spiked and dropped immediately. Resale on the 8 is dead outside of a few models and I don’t see anyone really clamoring for a boot like construction when there will be winterized versions of runners dropping. Could the Cement 8 reinspire collectors? Possibly. At 190 however, I just don’t see anyone dropping 300 on the resale of these 8s.

Air Jordan XI Low IE

I know that’s abrasive, but even at 170/75 the I.E. isn’t as good a drop as the Barons or Tarheel 11 Lows and those both sat. This won’t be any different.

Air Jordan XIII

This is another one of those shoes that should kill it, but won’t. Jordan should be dropping this one next week for the 4th of July. I will say this, an all white for back to school, the History of Flight, a retro 13 in Bulls colorways, all would typically be a guaranteed hit… and I actually think it will be a hit. This shoe will resale at 250-275. It could climb to 300, but all of that will depend on how many will be released. I have to assume that a shoe that was this limited would be 10,000 pair drop. Jordan Brand has been really wrong lately though and it wouldn’t surprise me to see 50-100,000 pair of these on the market. Which would mean it’s a big no. They are dope and that leather is perfect and much easier to keep clean than other white based shoes.

That’s it for this one. If you look at my last report like this though, I was dead wrong not a single pair of the Spring drops popped in resale and that’s pretty darn ominous.