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Nike Air More Uptempo Incognito | Should You Buy To Flip?

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA

The Air More Uptempo has been released as a retro for a few of the OG styles. None of the other releases have been met with the type of fervor that the 96 Scottie Pippen with the big AIR written on the side. The shoe is even hitting the market in a Supreme version, which tells you a lot about the new found interest in the shoe.

This new model is a completely blacked out version of the shoe. Triple Black/All Black versions of shoes always tend to perform very well. It doesn’t matter when the shoe drops, fall or winter, the all black shoe is always welcomed and coveted. How has the Pippen performed in the resale market? Those who have been in kicks for a while knew that the return was going to be an exciting one. I mean the return of the shoe last year to celebrate the 1996 Olympics was right on time and the colorways were exciting. The shoe wasn’t a big GR and you couldn’t find the models everywhere which meant that the shoe became a hot ticket. How hot? Let’s get to the checks.

*** I’ve been neglecting to say that I’m writing these for those people who don’t have a hookup or discount. On almost any Jordan Brand release if you get a discount you can flip it for a profit.

Since I do 3 checks before my decision I will weight them on a scale of 1-9. The max points on a scale = +3

*** New addition to the rating system: Tier 1: 0-25% = +1    Tier 2: 26-55% = +2     Tier 3: 56% and up is +3

First check: Flight Club already has pairs of the Black Reflective Incognito version of the Uptempo available. This means that Nike may be making it readily available this time around in contrast to the last years Black/White and White/Gum or Olympic. On FC all of those models have retained a resale value in the low to mid 200s. The FC check is solid because this is a 160 dollar shoe which means that it will definitely have a return because there is room. Remember however that I always have said that FC will get more than the average dude so there should be a 50 dollar drop in value on other outlets. Right now the Incognito is getting 250-275.

ROI: 160 + tax = 170.00

Add 15.00 for shipping

Total: 185.00

At 250-275 the high end is solid.

275-185 = 90.00 which is a Tier 2 ROI at 49% . If you can sell this shoe at the high end price on FC you will get a great return. This is the first time in a while that I’ve given the FC check a solid response. The question is will it hold after release? I think that it will, but let’s get to the eBay check. Right now I’m giving the FC Check a strong 2. I really want to bump it up to a 2.5, but…

Rating = +2

Second check: Let’s jump into the eBay Check. There are currently 74 listings when I search for Nike Air More Uptempo Triple Black. Most listings don’t realize the name of the shoe is Incognito via Nike’s site. Of the 74 listings on the site only 4 listings have sold. 1 listing has 4 sold. Basically one guy sold the 4 pairs. He sold those pairs at 259.99. That’s only a step down from the FC price point but is an average of the high end and low end.:

April 9 – 259.99

259.99 x .13 = 33.80 for fees on top of 185 = 218.80

That is still a 41.19 return on investment which is 18% ROI.

That 18% is a solid Tier 1 ROI, but that’s a far cry from the FC Check. I wanted to give the shoe a 2.5 above. I don’t like the Tier 1 return here, but I expect the shoe to hold steady at 259.99 so I’m going to move the shoe to 1.5. Now remember this is all based on not getting a discount for the shoes. If you can swing a discount, the shoe is going to remain a solid Tier 2 and it might move to the Tier 3 level the first few days after release.

Rating = +1.5

Third check: My final check will be completely different and more for you stat geeks. Last year I sold a lot of the Uptempo in different colorways.

Nike Air More Uptempo (Olympic) White/Metallic Gold-Uni Red-Midnight Navy 4,465 0.31% 6,236 0.33% 4% 9 0.20% $2,144.01 9
Nike Air More Uptempo (Gum) White/White-Bmb-Gm Lght Brwn 1,882 0.13% 2,399 0.13% 4% 7 0.37% $1,509.93 7
Nike Mens Air More Uptempo Black/White-Black Leather 1,912 0.13% 2,541 0.13% 11% 5 0.26% $1,209.94 5

Now you guys that are serious stats guys, you probably know what’s going on up there. If not this is a breakdown of the lists above.

(Parent) ASIN Title Sessions Session Percentage Page Views Page Views Percentage Buy Box Percentage Units Ordered Unit Session Percentage Ordered Product Sales Total Order Items

I’m sure it’s hard to see because it’s a chart so here is the breakdown of price on the Uptempos. Now this is a small chart and I didn’t have very many men’s shoes. The GS version of this shoe is a much better shoe in my opinion and I sold over 100 pair of those. The men’s shoes were harder to get and I didn’t put real effort into picking those up. So we have above is 21 pair sold at an average price of 4863.88/21 = 231.61 Now I have to disclose that unlike most people I only paid 140.00 for the Uptempo. That placed me in that high Tier 2 on the shoe, but after losing 15% to Amazon I was Tier 1 on this shoe. I was Tier 2 on the GS version. When compared to the first two checks the Uptempo is always a solid performer for me. The shoe is available on StockX but the bids are low and only 5 sizes are available. The stock locator for this release reveals that the release will be limited which makes this a stronger than release than the Bulls colorway that just dropped. This also makes the shoe a better option and I have to increase the rating.

Rating = 2.5

My final ruling: 6 out of 9… This is one of the higher SYBTF that I’ve done lately. The Uptempo has become a hot shoe. The Reflective Black colorway is a standout and should definitely be a shoe that you can resell.