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The MultiColor Knit ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer | Will It Pop?

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA

I’m obviously referencing Should You Buy To Flip? since I haven’t really posted and written a SYBTF? in a while. I’ve explained the reason. Flipping is dead pretty much, but there are certain styles and colors that always attract attention for any brand. The question is will this ASICS picque the interest of the resell community and make them consider paying above retail for a shoe that in all other colorways has been marked down?

GEL-Kayano Trainer Knit Carbon/Black 3

Taking a moment to look into Flight Club as a reference, the Gel Knit doesn’t even register a thought in the OG resell market. Right now ASICS resell is based on the Gel Lyte V primarily. Which isn’t a good sign for this latest drop as it relates to the multi-color phase of footwear. As a matter of fact, while this shoe does feature a “multi” theme, note the picture above. It is rather ambiguous. I think it’s a woman which influences my thoughts on how the company perceives the shoe. The company feels that women will gravitate towards the style more. This means that resell shouldn’t really be factored in as women tend to be more responsible than men.

GEL-Kayano Trainer Knit Carbon/Black 1

Let’s take a look at other “multi” themed shoes: The Nike Flyknit Racer. The Racer has lost its luster completely. You can find the model on eBay for way below retail in many instances. The adidas UltraBOOST in multi however is still jumping and doing well. The ASICS falls between the Nike and adidas as a release option and it’s new with more striking knit option than either brand, but as it stands the shoe simply isn’t performing well overall.

As a matter of fact, while the shoe just launched on ASICS, it is already available below retail on ebay. I guess the question shouldn’t be “Will it pop?”, the question should be do you think this shoe is dope, because the reason you haven’t seen me taking a lot of time on whether a shoe should be flipped is because the answer is obvious these days. I do like this multi version better than the Nike or adidas overall.