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The Air Jordan 1 Retro High Flyknit ‘Black & Game Royal’ Fail | SYBTF?

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Originally posted on ARCH-USA

In a case of going back to the well too many times I have to admit I was wrong about the Retro 1 Flyknit Royal. A few days ago I said that the shoe would be a solid performer. Now, I realize it’s too soon to tell if the shoe will move, but in comparison to a shoe like the Nike Vandal High, this release is definitely a fail.

How can I say this shoe flopped after only one day? The Vandal released yesterday as well and it sold out on SNKRS. More than likely it was a more limited release, but still… I looked at this Royal Flyknit release as a return to flipping shoes that were GR. These are my words:

The Banned Flyknit popped momentarily but has settled down. The Flyknit didn’t really do that shoe justice however. The red looked pink on the Wings logo and it just wasn’t as clean. This version however will be more limited. The royal is perfectly color matched. The shoe is already selling above retail on eBay. What will be the average resell price on this model? Between 209.99 and 229.99.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The shoe was not limited at all. If you use the link above and go to the Nike site there is a full size run of the shoes on SNKRS/NDC. That is a very telling sign. On eBay where prior to release the shoe was selling above retail, this is the average price: 179.99, 179.90, 208.99... You can now get the shoe below retail.

Here is the bad news though. Those prices above at 179.99 were all sold prior to October 7th the release day. If you click that link above you can grab the joints at below retail. Talk about a quick drop off! If you’re looking for a reason, there isn’t one. If it was limited the shoe would have sold out, but that doesn’t account for the Vandal or even the Air More Uptempo Knicks both selling out on SNKRS. If the shoe was 160 it probably would have sold out… but that doesn’t hold up when you look at the Knicks Uptempo or Women’s Mint Uptempo.

It appears I may have been much too hasty and that my skills are definitely tarnished in analyzing kicks. Nike can’t simply update the classics with knit. No one can. Instead of making my prediction based on the release of the Fall line being dope, I should have made my prediction on this article I wrote a while back:

How Pricing Will Kill The Knit Sneaker Trend

Will the other Fall/Winter releases perform like I said they would in resale? I’m saying yes, but right now I’m 0 for 7.