Why choose Housakicks?

A marketplace of individual sellers who have all been vetted and authorized to sell on this site. Each seller is responsible for shipping and handling and will provide the ultimate in customer service. If you would like to submit your information for this site use the contact information to ask about our policies. All footwear and apparel must be 100% Authentic. This site does not and will not support fakes or variants.

Can anyone become a seller?

No. the only people allowed to sell on this site are people I have had interactions with (via sneaker events/purchases, business relationships) over the last decade to ensure that products sold here are only genuine/authentic items.

How can you be sure the products are authentic?

I do understand that even the best sneaker connoisseur can be fooled because fakes have gotten so much better. For this reason we will be posting in our blog, pictures along with videos of fake sneakers to help you identify them and make this marketplace even much safer.

What happen if there is a problem with my purchase?

I encourage buyers and our sellers to communicate and work out their issues with respect to one another and I will do my best to assist you with any disputes. You can buy with confidence as PayPal is the merchant used within this marketplace. With PayPal , you are protected from checkout to delivery. Your financial information is never given away to any sellers. And if something goes wrong with your order , your eligible transactions will be reimbursed if your order never arrives or your item is significantly different than it was described.

Shipping, payment, returns?

All sellers have their own store policy. Be sure to review it. If you have any further questions, please contact the seller prior to making your purchase to avoid any potential problems