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Quick Look At The Rock Under Armour UA Highlight Delta

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Under Armour has been under a lot of flames for their poor marketing strategies; the Curry 3 marketing has been almost non existent. I have come across two colorways of the Curry 3 and didn’t even know when they released. The brand needs to borrow a thing or two from Nike- I walked into HOH and there was a huge Kyrie poster that welcomed me as I walked in the store. I’m not even getting into the commercials and Ads on TV but something as simple as a wall poster in a retail store can enhance a product sale.

Dwayne Johnson AKA ” The Rock” is also getting his own signature shoes from UA (The Rock Under Armour UA Highlight Delta). The dude is a walking marketing genius; the internet went nuts when he shared a video of the shoes on Instagram a few months ago. I guess since UA marketing is so raw, it was a good idea to get him on board. I don’t know and can’t predict how well the shoes will do but having “The Rock” on their side will definitely make a difference. Steph Curry isn’t as good of an entertainer like ” The Rock”; wrestling is pure entertainment and to be a successful wrestler , you have to win the crowds so I think this a great move by Under Armour.


The Rock Under Armour UA Highlight Delta is solely a workout/running shoe; the first edition to drop will be dressed in black with yellow highlights. You will see “The Rock” motivational quotes on the outside of the tongue ( Earn It); there is also a yellow “bull head” on the heel panel ( I don’t know what it stands for). Under Armour’s own UA logo will occupy the side toe box.

The shoe features a seamless mesh upper intended to enhance airflow ( basically making sure that your feet stay cool as you work out especially in warm weathers). They also sport a two piece charge cushioning midsole for impact absorption and resistance.Deep cut eyestays around the laces have been incorporated to facilitate a range of motions. Stability won’t be an issue with the presence of a snug foam inner liner and a molded heel cup ( intended to keep the foot slip free). Additional features include

  • Solid rubber outsole supports high impact zones and delivers quality traction
  • Deep flex grooves flex to your movements for natural mobility

You can purchase other colorways of the UA Delta Highlight from our featured eBay sellers, see listings below


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