The Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Leather Lux BS7465 Is Available Now

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The Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Leather Lux has a subtle, positive message to deliver. While most Rappers are concerned with producing hit records, glorifying violence and a loose life, Kendrick takes a different approach. He is part of a dying breed of MC’s, the great ones- he produces dope music but it doesn’t stop there. His latest collaboration with Reebok is another testimony to his positive approach to life.

If you live in the USA, you must be familiar with the infamous Compton Gang’s history. The tension between Red and Blue, Crips and Bloods. Well , Kendrick is from Compton, and his new Reebok signature shoes was created to promote unity. KL said in an interview:

” In Compton, we have a saying that ‘mixing Red and Blue makes Green”

While most people refer to Green as the symbol of money, it is the color of life; it also represents renewal, growth, harmony, safety, fertility.


The shoes feature a premium soft leather upper for a comfortable fit. Dressed in a dark olive colorway, they have alternating embossed Red and Blue text on the heels. They will also include custom blue and red insoles with Kendrick’s signature printed on them. A gum outsole with a debossed Reebok logo completes the look of the shoes. The manufacturer’s features are as follows:

• Soft leather upper for comfort and support.
• Punch Brogue Detailing.
• Low-Cut Design.
• EVA Midsole.
• High Abrasion Rubber Outsole.


BUY IT NOW VIA UBIQLIFE-$150 Men’s sizes 8-13

A look at the Custom insoles
Debossed Rebok logo / gum outsole
Alternating Red And Blue Heels
Kendrick Himself rocking the shoes


tayib salami
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