What The Heck? Bootleg x Off White x Jordan 1 x Balenciaga.. Enough

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I’ve seen a myriad of bootlegs but this replica pair of Off White x Jordan 1 x Balenciaga is by far the  frankensteinest ( if the word exists) shoe I’ve ever come across. It’s so bad and  awful that whoever thought of the idea of creating this monstrosity ought to powder slap himself perpetually. Ironically these fakes are the perfect depiction of what is going on now in the sneaker industry. The free spirit concept has transcended the idea of objectivity( when it comes to designing sneakers) to the point where as ridiculous as a shoe may look, folks will claim anything is dope just because some influencer endorses it. I’m not going to say much but I’ll let you look at the pictures and I hope it makes you laugh to scorn. ENJOY THE WEEK END and catch our new posts on Monday.

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tayib salami