This Is Why Fake Sneakers Are Getting Immaculate

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I have created over 120 posts dealing with comparison between real and fake sneakers. But the constant back ups  a typical  wordpress site goes through have led me to also upload these comparisons on YouTube to avoid losing all the slides. Moreover YT gives me the opportunity to reach a larger audience. This evening I received a comment on one of my real vs fake videos that confirmed one of my concerns related to the abundance of hardly detectable fakes in the sneaker market. Le me show you a screenshot of the comment I received, see picture below

I have already explained that counterfeiters has invested in expensive machinery and OEM equipment/ materials to make sure the products they produce are up to par with their  authentic counterparts. see the post below that goes into more detail about it.
But the one problem that the replica industry has always had to deal with is the attention to little details and perfecting the craftsmanship on their products. Videos that guys like me and others make showing flaws and inconsistencies between  real and fake sneakers are a huge help for  bootleggers. A lot of the counterfeiters have understood the importance of producing top quality replicas so they utilize these presentations to upgrade their already excellent existing counterfeits. They basically create an initial batch of fakes as guinea pigs and wait for videos like mine to pop up so they can get back in the lab and perfect them.
It’s a double edged sword , on one hand we are trying to help folks avoid fakes but on the other hand we are helping the counterfeiters improve their products. So what is to be done in this case? Do we stop making videos or do we continue? I won’t answer that because the brands have to be held accountable as well and I actually wrote about that, see post below
tayib salami