The Fake “What The Air Jordan 4” Is Out-Beware Lest You Get Got

Fake What The Air Jordan 4
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A week ago , I had a quick exchange with an individual via linkedin who thought my endless posts about bootlegs were getting out of hand. He referred to it as “over posting” and proceeded to say that “resellers” like me shouldn’t be taking on the task of educating folks about bootlegs. Basically his point was very simple- resellers aren’t qualified to do this hence we ( resellers) should let brands take care of that. Unfortunately the brands aren’t doing it so guess what- I’ll continue to shed light on these bootlegs as long as Housakicks is operational. And today, the replica pair I came across was the “What The Air Jordan 4” . I’ll point out key areas you should zero in on to detect the fakes.

Real vs fake air jordan 4 raptors

Fake What The Air Jordan 4

I added two pictures from previous comparisons that I did to make a point here. You’ll notice that on both pictures the heel appears more slanted on the fake pairs. The legitimate sneaker is a bit more steep at the heel. Another critical area is the tongue, which usually is very short and crooked on the fake pair.

REAL VS FAKE AIR JORDAN 4 TRAVIS SCOTT-You can clearly see how the spacing between the screen of the air pocket and the edge of the midsole is bigger on the authentic pair
Fake What The Air Jordan 4
Fake What The Air Jordan 4

I hope you recognize the pattern here, the spacing between the screen of the air unit and the midsole is always shorter on the bootleg pair.

Fake What The Air Jordan 4
This is the logo on the insole of the right pair. The ink used is cheap and will come off as soon as the wearer slips his/her foot in the shoe
Fake What The Air Jordan 4
This is the left pair

Let me show you an example so you can visualize and understand what I’m trying to convey


The picture above shows you the clear difference between the logos ( this is a comparison between the fake and real jordan 6 black infrared).

The bootleggers purposely didn’t add a picture of the inside label because it usually shows that shoes were produced much earlier than anticipated. And now with the advent of the “QR code” , they are having a hard time producing a 1-1 inside label. Here are additional pictures of the replicas, you can spend time looking at them and see if you can spot any other blemishes.

Fake What The Air Jordan 4
Don’t mind the stockX tags on the shoe, it means nothing, it’s just another way to fool unsuspecting buyers
Fake What The Air Jordan 4 5
The box label is missing the suggested retail price, which is typical of several fakes I’ve come acorss
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