The Fake Air Jordan 6 DMP Is Already Out, Quick Tips To Identify It

fake air jordan 6 dmp
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The Air Jordan 6 DMP is releasing on January the 25th, and it is probably my favorite colorway of the Jordan 6 silhouette. The shoe released originally in 2006 as a package and came with a lot of perks. Nike decided to bring it back again I’m excited about it.  But as you all know, bootleggers are going to target it and and fake pairs of the Dmp 6’s already on the market. Since I don’t have on an authentic pair on hands for a side by side comparison, I’m going to use it checklist  below to help you bust the fake air jordan 6 dmp.

 1. Release Date:

the shoe does not drop till January the 25th so anybody selling it earlier than that date is probably selling carrying fakes ( see this eBay listing below as an example). But that’s not always true for every case as I stated in the post below

Fake Sneakers No Longer Get You Excommunicated, PerfecktKicks, The Problem




Let’s say  you bought the sneaker from a third party merchant. One of the dead giveaway is the smell/odor of the glue uses to patch up the shoe. If the glue smell is really strong to the point of irritating your nostrils, then I’ll question the authenticity of the product

3 . Material:

The Jordan 6 DMP will feature nubuck leather ( which is usually smooth). So if your pair has a sturdy or rough feel to it, then I’ll question its authenticity.

You can clearly see the difference in the material used on both pairs

4. Ask for a receipt to check out the provenance of the shoe you’re receiving. ( but even receipts can be duplicated these days). But if the seller doesn’t have one, I’ll stay away from him/her.

These are just quick things you can do, but fakes have become so good that it requires more than just the screening process above to identify them. Now let’s go to more practical things you can do.

5. Physical Nuances


The air chamber of the real pair ( 2006 VERSION) appears a little wider and the screen of the unit is about an inch away from the edge of the midsole ( see RED lines, it’s very subtle). On the fakes, the screen appears adjacent to the edge. For some reasons, they can never get that right.


They always seem to mess up the logo, you can clearly see the nuances between the jumpmen  on both pairs. Notice also how the number 23 on the 2006 pair is still intact which proves the its superior craftsmanship.

Fake air jordan 6 dmp 5

The heel liner material is also one of the areas that bootleggers struggle to replicate ( probably because they use an inferior material). The 2006 pair’s material has a towel like texture. See the pictures below from the comparison between the Real and Fake pair of the Jordan 6 Bred to understand what I’m trying to convey.


So far these are the only physical nuances I can show you. I’ll add more side by side images once I get my hands on an authentic pair.

6. QR Code

fake air jordan 6 dmp 6

Scan the QR code ( 1) with your phone’s camera, it should lead lead you to the Nike’s website, see picture below ( if that doesn’t happen then you’ve probably been sold a fake pair).

nike website

But here is the dangerous news, when I scanned it the QR code on the box above, it took me to the Nike;s website. Duplicating the QR code is an easy thing but the next piece of information is what might be the most helpful tip in identifying the fake pairs.

7. RFID tag

fake air jordan 6 dmp 6


(2) RFID chip; it’s  a unique chip under the label that helps in identifying its provenance. You can also verify it by peeling back the label and observe the antenna & chip concealed underneath. I released the video below to teach you ways to authenticate your sneakers, be sure to watch it in its entirety to understand how important it is.

Here are more pictures of the fake air jordan 6 DMP, see if you can spot more flaws on your own.

fake air jordan 6 dmp

Fake air jordan 6 dmp


You can buy legitimate pairs for the sellers in the listings below


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