The Fake Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared Has Already Landed, Beware

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Bootleggers are on a different timetable than the brand themselves; while Jordan Brand is preparing to unleash the Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared in its original form, replica pairs are already on the market and you’d be wise to check the pictures below to avoid them. I don’t have any authentic pairs on hands so I used some of my old posts to point out the key spots that bootleggers tend to fail to do right.

Usually they mess up the placement of the holes on the side pods and if you look closely the authentic pair’s holes are bigger.

Once again, the placement of the holes( and their size) on the panels are totally different, the fake pair has holes that are basically adjacent to the edges of the panel underlay near the bottom.

We have the same problem with the placement of the holes on the forefoot underlay; the holes are almost adjacent to the top of of the edge near the top on the fakes.

Stay away from any seller with shoes whose inside label feature the production dates you see above.

I will be updating this post in the months to come, STay Tuned.


tayib salami