The Fake Air Jordan 13 Cap And Gown Is Out- Beware

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Yesterday I shared a post in which I was talking about Nike’s upcoming changes that primarily are intended to fight against counterfeits, see link below

Air Jordan 1 Low Black Toe With QR Code, Nike Just Created More Disruption

I’m only mentioning this because soon it’s going to be extremely hard for bootleggers to create 1:1 counterfeits mainly due to the high tech features the box and inside labels are loaded with. I came across a replica pair of the upcoming Air Jordan 13 “Cap and Gown” edition and wanted to quickly show you a few pictures to identify them. Since I don’t have an authentic pair on hands, I’ll invite you guys to zero in on the “inside label” and “box label” and stay away from any third party seller that carries a pair with similar characteristics.

Take a good look at the image  above, how can you tell whether the shoe is fake or not? The only reason why I knew it is because the website on which I fetched the images only carries replicas. But I wouldn’t have been able to detect them without the backdrop on an authentic pair on hands. This is why it was so important for Nike to come up with a different authentication system.

The visible lines on the box are a dead giveaway ( the legitimate box usually doesn’t show those lines). I’ll also invite you to focus on the upc code on the left side of the box and be sure that it is identical to the upc of the authentic pair ( the only way to do this is to have the legitimate pair on hands).

The fake pair’s inside label will usually feature a an early production date ( so if you come across a pair with the production date above, just don’t make the purchase). These are just preventive methods, once I come across a legitimate pair. I’ll update the post, stay tuned.


tayib salami