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The Fake Air Jordan 11 Prom Night Is Already Out- Beware Lest You Get Got

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I wrote a post yesterday regarding the suggested price of the Air Jordan 11 Prom Night. You can read it in its entirety, see link below

Why Is Nike Charging $250 For The Air Jordan 11 XI Prom Night?

I mentioned the $250 price tag because I know the shoes are going to be targeted by the replica industry. I was having a conversation with a fellow sneakerhead on Sunday and I wasn’t shocked about what he said to me concerning the new breed of fakes in the market, he said,

mannn, dudes don’t care anymore about the fakes man, they look good so people buy them

And it doesn’t surprise me because I get ridiculous comments on my YT channel for my Real Vs Fake comparisons. Let me share one of the things someone told me a week ago.

This is just one of the billion comments I receive on a daily basis

Let me get to the reason for the post; I came across the fake air jordan 11 prom night but without the backdrop of an authentic pair, I can’t do a good side by side comparison for you. What I’ll do is show you areas to focus on so you can avoid the fakes. I’ll lean on some of my older pictures.

This is the win like 96 jordan 11. You can see that the patent leather cut is higher on the authentic pair

I can guarantee you that the patent leather cut will definitely be a bit higher on the authentic pair when the official pictures surface.

The stamping on the footbed can be a huge help; all you have to is stay away from anyone whose shoes bear the same stamp numbers. The threads are black on the fake pair ( they may differ on the authentic pair, I’m only giving you pointers). Check for things like that.

This never fails, the production date is 99.9% of the time different on the fakes. So this is very important, stay away from any seller who is carrying the shoes early with the inside label you see above. Bootleggers also tend to fail to put the correct UPC code every now and then so be sure to check that too. When the official pictures surface check the UPC code for the size 9, if it’s different from what you see on the picture above then it makes it easier for you to detect the fakes.

What i’ll do next is add more pictures of the fakes and allow you to use your own discernment prior to buying them from a non retailer. I’ll update the post as soon as I have reliable pictures of the authentic pair.

I can assure you that the shoes aren’t going to come in the black box you see in the picture above ( so that’s another cue)
There is nothing for me to say here since I don’t have the outsole of an authentic pair to use as a backdrop

Fake Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96 Spotted-Quick Tips To Identify Them

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