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The Fake Air Jordan 11 Concord #45 Is Out and Features The StockX Tag

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I seriously think bootleggers are dumber than nails; why in the world would you come out with a pair of Air Jordan 11 concord #45 and slap it with the StockX authentication card? StockX doesn’t even have the shoe on its platform yet, well I guess that’s the easiest way to bust these fakes. A week ago I saw folks sharing early pics of the shoes and I knew right then they were tainted. I’ve written about the StockX’s authentication tag problem several weeks ago, see link below

StockX Has A Serious Problem With Fake Tags To Address

I’ve also written a post last year stressing out the fact that people don’t care anymore about fakes, see link below; and frankly at this point, I could care less if the brands themselves don’t do anything about improving their products. It is to the point where it takes a Sherlock Holmes effort to identify a replica from a real, hence people just don’t care anymore. Nonetheless I’ll continue to show you what the fakes are like so you don’t get fooled.

Fake Sneakers No Longer Get You Excommunicated, PerfecktKicks, The Problem

If you see anyone selling a pair of concord right now that fits the characteristics of the pair in the pics below then stay away from it.

Be sure to ask to see a picture of the inside label in case the seller claims his shoe is legitimate, and if the production date matches the one in this pic, stay away from it
I haven’t seen an authentic pair yet but apparently the leather used on the heel panel is premium, the leather on this pic appears to be synthetic


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