Quick Tips To Spot The Fake Nike Zoom Generation Lebron 1

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Bootleggers are also taking a shot at the Nike Zoom Generation Lebron 1 but the result is catastrophic. I came across several fakes that made me scratch my head; when it comes to Lebron signature shoes, I don’t think the replica industry has fully mastered them ( which is good news for buyers). Some of Lebron sneakers are loaded with minute details that replicating them is not an easy task. Here are quick ways to spot the The Fake Nike Zoom Generation Lebron 1 Kings Rook edition. You can apply the same tips for all the other colorways as well ( the size of both shoes used here is 9).

The shape of the fake pair is terrible on the back ( lack of angles, the shoe is very steep, see yellow lines). The synthetic material on the heel panel ( see yellow squares) looks like plastic on the fake pair ( not very sturdy at all) in comparison to the authentic pair. The yellow arrow pointing up shows you how the film is light blue and conform to the silver tab on the real pair but on the fakes, not only is the film transparent but it nearly covers the entire heel panel. The arrow pointing down shows you how deep the cut is on the fakes ( on the ankle liner).

A better picture showing you the difference in the material used on the panels ( it looks rubbery on the fakes).

The tongue is short on the fake pair and the red tab on isn’t see through at all on the replicas. The tongue liner is nearly nowhere to be seen on the fakes.

The swoosh logo is hardly noticeable on the fake pair and the spacing on the perforations is wider on the replicas.

The gap between the upper panel overlays and the bottom overlay is wider on the fakes ( see yellow arrow). The midsole appears more curvy on the fakes. Check out the yellow rectangle ( it shows you the difference between both films).

There you have it folks, you can apply the same tips to identify any other colorways of the Zoom Lebron 1. By the way, here are a few pictures of several other fakes I came across.

The shape is off, too steep on the back
the gap between the upper and bottom overlay is too not wide enough, refer to tips above




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