Scary Good Fake Off White Nike Air Vapormax Sneakers Are On The Market

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Virgil Abloh and Nike have been teasing us with all types of pictures of their upcoming Off White X Nike JB sneakers. Well sneakerheads aren’t the only one enticed by these pictures, but counterfeiters thrive on limited releases like these. For all I know most sneakers Nike releases are manufactured overseas so the potential for replicas is magnified- blueprints get stolen and as soon as early samples get leaked it’s easy for them to slip through back doors and make their way unto the black market, hence the birth of a massive amount of prototypes/replicas . I just came across a fake pair of the Off White Nike Air Vapormax and I can’t see any apparent flaws on them mainly because I’ve yet to see detailed pictures of the official product. So all I’m doing right now is showing you multiple pictures of the replica pair to warn you.

The toe box looks a little off, the cut on the toe box is just awkward

This is probably where the fakes are going to falter. It took Nike about 5 to 7 years to engineer the vapormax and the air pockets hold the maximum amount air ever put on a shoe. The “air pockets” are manufactured in a Nike owned Oregon Plant that cost 40.5 millons to build. So I think from a functional standpoint, this is not going to cut it. The air in these fakes is probably not close to Nike’s standards and im’ nost sure how sturdy the pockets are going to be . But Most people don’t care about the functional aspect of the shoes as long as the aesthetic is flawless

-You can clearly see how more bumpy the air pocket looks on the authentic pair ( it indicates that the fakes don’t hold as much air) -The craftsmanship at the edge of the pocket ( see square) is very poor on the fakes, and the material used is cheap -The pattern of the grooves isn’t the same, it extends further on the authentic pair

Well, there you have it, my suggestion is for you to wait and not buy these from any non retailers until the shoes actually drop; or buy from trusted suppliers only. Below you’ll find listings of the earlier models of the vapormax that have already released

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tayib salami
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