Real Vs Fake Bape Adidas NMD R1 BA7326 Green Camo

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The Bape NMD released a few weeks ago and we all know that with shoes this hyped, replicas are bound to flood the market. The shoes are selling for as high as $1000 from third party merchants so it will be wise to consider this quick comparison prior to making a purchase online.

Real Vs Fake Bape Adidas NMD R1 BA7326

The pair on the left is the authentic pair; pay close attention to the yellow circle ( stitching is completely off on the fake pair- I do not see the reverse “V -like” stitching on the fakes, but rather vertical lines). Also take a look at the yellow rectangle ( the stitching on the plastic heel counter is unnoticeable on the fake pair). The arrow pointing down also shows you that the olive band on the authentic has no median, but the fake one has a dotted median.

The spacing between the three white stripes and the eyestay is also off on the fake pair ( bigger gap on the fake pair, see yellow horizontal arrow). Moreover on the boost midsole the bumps are subtle on the authentic pair but very vivid and defined on the fake pair; and the black EVA insert of the authentic pair doesn’t look is ashy looking.

See how elevated the authentic pair is compared to the fake one in the forefoot area ( steeper angle on the authentic pair and very shallow on the fake). And if you look at the Adidas text on the green EVA insert, it looks off ( the letters and the leaf look hand drawn).

The writings on the heel tab are definitely not the same on both pairs ( I checked several authentic pairs and they all have the same writings on the heel tab, see yellow circle). Again look at the Adidas logo and text on the fake pair; it looks uneven. And the olive heel counter also looks awkward on the fakes.

The color tone/shade is different on both pairs and a closer look at the olive band shows you a bunch of dotted lines on the fake pairs and none on the real one.

The box label is another detail to look at; if you look at the UPC code, both shoes are the same size ( size 9) but the UPC codes aren’t the same ( see yellow arrow). And if you look at the silhouette on the label you can clearly the boost graphic on the fake label ( hardly noticeable on the authentic see yellow arrow pointing down. In addition the prints on the Fake label appear bigger ( see yellow circle).

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tayib salami