Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 7 Retro Doernbecher: Quick Tips To Avoid The Fakes

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Oh boy, I didn’t think Fake Doernbecher would be already on the market this early. Well I was wrong, they have already been produced, and I’m sure some folks have probably unknowingly bought them.  If you’ve just purchased a pair of DB7, I suggest you take a look at the Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 7 Retro Doernbecher comparison to make sure your pair is legitimate.


The size and placement of the holes on the side panels between both pairs is not the same ( see yellow circles). I have also added a yellow arrow to show you how the material on both pairs differs. The authentic pair seems to have a more glossy look ( looks more buttery), while the fake pair looks dry. You will notice some differences on the Jumpman as well ( the authentic pair Jumpman isn’t as shiny as the fake one).

You can see the pattern of the outsole on the authentic pair ( it almost looks like the shoe is elevated for you to see the outsole); but on the fake pair, it doesn’t appear the same ( see red circles). The yellow arrow shows you how far down the triangular shape extends on the heel ( bigger gap on the authentic pair than the fake one). A close look at the red squares clearly shows  how much both pairs differ as far as shape is concerned.

The top yellow circles show more differences in the placement of the perforations; and the circles on the toe box show clear nuances in the color tone and shade ( the black shape around the toe box on the authentic pair seems to end up in a black splatter pattern). On The fake pair, there is no such thing, you can vividly see the black outline on the fakes. Check the picture below for further details.

I didn’t get a chance to look at the packaging , I will be adding more side by side images in the days or weeks to come ; use caution when you purchase the DB7 from non retailers. The listings below feature trusted ebay sellers you can purchase from with confidence.


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