Real VS Fake Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle : Quick Tips To Avoid Them

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The Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle will officially release on October 22, and will retail for $250 I believe. There are tons of fakes floating around already so i decided to do a Real VS Fake Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle comparison in order to help you guys make a safer purchase.

Real VS Fake Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle


The color shade is definitely not the same; the authentic pair is more reflective and vibrant and you will notice that it also includes a  hang tag in the shape of a gold jumpman. The material is also different, the stitching is different and the back tab and the outsole of the fake pair has a blue tint , but the authentic pair is plain white.


There are different types of fakes, on this picture i found another fake pair and you will notice that color shade is not the same. The authentic pair is brighter and more gold, the holes on the lateral sides aren’t the same size; the material is not the same and if you close enough , it appears that the authentic pairs has some subtle lines all throughout the surface of the shoes.


You can clearly see the difference in the color scheme between both pairs and the jumpman logo on the back is different. The stitching on the back tab is not the same and overall shape of the back tab on the fake one is a little awkward.


Look at the placement and the size of the holes on the extension of the tongue: totally different. And the mesh itself on the tongue looks quite not the same.

real-vs-fake-air-jordan-6-pinnacle-5 real-vs-fake-air-jordan-6-pinnacle-6

Both pictures show different packages on the fake pairs; this is not an exhaustive list, i’m just showing you quick tips to avoid the fakes. The factories that produce the fake pairs always look to improve the products, so i will not surprised if later on more pairs are produced and look identical to the real pairs.BEWARE!!!

I have included a list of trusted eBay sellers with legitimate pairs-CLICK HERE


tayib salami