Real VS Fake Air Jordan 18 XVIII White Royal -Quick Tips To Identify It

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Here are quick ways to identify the fake air jrodan 18 white royal. Both sneakers used in this comparison are size 9.5.

You can clearly see that the authentic pair’s panel material is more grainy and shiny than the fake one. If you look at the blue color on the midsole it is darker on the authentic pair than it is on the fake pair.

 The tongue’s edges on the fake pair are more round ( see yellow rectangle). And the fake tongue has more bumps and wrinkles  on its surface. The wrinkles on the authentic pair are more subtle ( see yellow arrow).This is a better picture of the wrinkles on the tongue. I also added an arrow next to the silver jumpman logos to show you how  different they are between  both pairs. The shoes are of the same size the upc code ought to be the same ( they are size 9.5). But you can clearly see that the upc codes aren’t the same. The letters and the numbers are of a bolder font on the authentic pair. You can also see that the spacing between the 9 and 5 on the label is wider on the authentic pair ( see yellow line).

The spacing between the letters on “Jordan” text at the heel is wider on the fakes ( the letters on the authentic pair appear stuck together in a clump).

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tayib salami
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