Don’t Get Got : Real VS Fake Air Jordan 13 XIII Retro Black Cat

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This is one of the hardest comparison I have done; these fakes are getting harder to identify because I don’t have the shoes on hand. And that is exactly why you have to be extremely cautious when you buy from non retailers. The Black Cat 13 are releasing this Saturday  and are on many people’s radar. Watch out for the early fakes and use these quick tips prior to making your purchase online ( especially from third party merchants).

Real VS Fake Air Jordan 13 XIII Retro Black Cat

Take about one minute to look at the pic above and tell me if you were able to identify the fakes.

The left pair is the authentic one; if you look at the yellow circle you can see that the lining around the 3M overlay has a very neat edge (look at the fake pair, there is an extra inch of material at the end of the already rough edge). I will also add that the fake pair has a shorter tongue (  fakes in general have short tongues).

Look at the material on the inner liner: the authentic pair features a dual density plush textile material( with lines in it )while the fake one seems to feature some type of foamy/ EVA material ( no lines)- you can clearly see the differences.

The yellow line shows you how steep the angle of the lining around the heel panel is on the authentic pair , compared to a wider and shallow angle on the fakes. In addition, the yellow circles shows you the differences between the edge of the 3M overlays at the heel ( extra inch on the edge of the fakes).

I really don’t know what else to add to this comparison, but stay tuned for further updates. I have added more pictures of the fakes here for your convenience

Fake pair inside label- Check out the production date and avoid any seller with similar labels
fake outsole- check out the jumpman near the midfoot, the circle is not neatly one and the carbon fiber shank is not quite right
Fake box label- usually the authentic pair will have a different font , avoid any seller with similar boxes

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tayib salami