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Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 13 XIII Island Green- Quick Tips To Identify The Fakes

Earlier this morning, I wrote a post in which I stated that the Air Jordan 13 XIII Island Green was massively produced, see link below As you all know, fake pairs of this model are already out and I wanted to show you quickly how to identify them. I don't have an authentic pair on hand yet so I had to use official pictures fetched from Nike and a couple of other retailers. Both the authentic and the replica pairs used in the presentation are of size 9.5. Again this is just a preventive method to avoid counterfeits, the safest way to purchase your sneakers is from authorized retailers.   The pattern of the mid section overlay is clearly wrong on the fake pair, the shoe was made to emulate the jungle crocodile skin ( and obviously the authentic pair has the appropriate pattern). This picture reinforces what I said earlier about the contrast in
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