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Real VS Fake Air Jordan 12 Gym Red | Here Are Quick Ways To Identify The Fakes

The replica pairs of the Jordan 12 gym red have been out for months but I was waiting to get my hands on an authentic pair to do a comparison. I picked up a pair on Saturday and proceeded to take enough pictures for a side by side comparison. The pair I picked up was a size 10.5 so I relied on other images I took from authentic sellers via eBay to pin against the fake pair which was a size 8. This is a recurring problem with replica pairs of the 12's, if you zero in on the yellow squared area, you'll notice that the end of the tab extends further down on the authentic pair and is cut short on the fakes. The tab is also more shiny and glossy on the real pair than it is on the fakes. You can clearly that the differences highlighted by the circle ( extra ridges on the fakes, smaller gap on the fakes). And if you look at the leg of the jumpman ( see yellow arrow) it appears to be elongated on the fakes. The #23 is placed a little too high on the fake pair ( it’s supp
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