Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey, Quick Tips To identify The Fake Pair

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 dark grey
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The Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey released officially on December the 2nd in massive numbers. But that hasn’t prevented bootleggers to create their own replicas. I finally had an opportunity to visit my local mall yesterday and took several pictures of an authentic pair of the Jordan 12 Dark Grey ( in size 9) so I can do a side by side comparison with the fake one  ( in size 9 as well). Here are quick tips to identify the fake air jordan 12 dark grey.

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 dark grey

The gap between the plastic tab and the heel portion of the midsole ( see red arrow) is wider on the fake pair. The gap between the first set of stitches and the midsole is also wider on the fake pair ( see red line). The leather material on the real pair is softer with more subtle wrinkles , but the fake pair is characterized with a very hard and rough leather material.

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 dark grey 1

The jumpman logo is placed in the middle of the silver tab on the real pair, but adjacent to the upper part of the edge of the tab on the fake one. The tab extends further down and touches the heel portion of  midsole on the authentic pair ( see red arrow). But on the fake pair the tab is cut short. The bumps on the mudguard are subtle and stretched on the real pair ( see red circle).

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 dark grey 6

This is a picture of the bumps. You can see how more stretched and subtle they are on the real pair.

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 dark grey 2

The metal eyelet is longer on the real pair. (1)& (2) the gap between the jumpman and the edge of the eyelet is wider on the authentic pair. The red circle is showing how how there are extra ridges on the bottom portion of the metal eyelet on the fake pair.

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 dark grey 3

(1) You can see how much  higher the #23 is placed on the fake pair. (2) & (3)The gap between the and the edge of the midsole is bigger on the authentic pair ( see yellow line). (4) The edge of the midsole is curvy and in the shape of a parabola on the authentic pair but the same edge looks like half a parabola on the fakes.

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 dark grey 4

The sticker appears so pale on the fake pair. Not only that but the font, shape and size of the letters ( size) and numbers ( 9) are completely different. I also added the little box around the ball of the jumpman to show you that as soon as the wearer steps in the shoe, the ball will fade away, and that because the ink used on the fake pair isn’t indelible.

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 dark grey 5

The gap between the wording ” us”, the “jumpman” and the edge of the inside label is bigger on the fake pair. The black line on which both jumpmen, “9” and the “xc” sit is more bold on the fake pair ( see yellow arrow). The QR code graphics are different ( now I don’t if that matters but I jsut wanted to point it out).

There you have it folks, if I notice more differences in weeks to come, I’ll be sure to update the post.

PS: The Real VS Fake posts require a lot of time to write because replica/counterfeits are getting better and spotting their flaws is a meticulous task. I understand that some of you may still be unsure about the authenticity of your sneakers, this is why I’m providing the video below to give additional help. Be sure to watch it in its entirety and don’t forget to subscribe to my website. Your support is greatly appreciated


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