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Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey, Quick Tips To identify The Fake Pair

Real Vs Fake air jordan 12 dark grey
The Air Jordan 12 Dark Grey released officially on December the 2nd in massive numbers. But that hasn't prevented bootleggers to create their own replicas. I finally had an opportunity to visit my local mall yesterday and took several pictures of an authentic pair of the Jordan 12 Dark Grey ( in size 9) so I can do a side by side comparison with the fake one  ( in size 9 as well). Here are quick tips to identify the fake air jordan 12 dark grey. The gap between the plastic tab and the heel portion of the midsole ( see red arrow) is wider on the fake pair. The gap between the first set of stitches and the midsole is also wider on the fake pair ( see red line). The leather material on the real pair is softer with more subtle wrinkles , but the fake pair is characterized with a very hard and rough leather material. The jumpman logo is placed in the middle of the silver tab on the real pair, but adjacent to the upper part of the edge of the tab on the fake one. The tab exten
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