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Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 12 Black Game Royal-Quick Tips To Identify The Fakes

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If you’ve missed my post about the possible number of pairs of the Air Jordan 12 Black Game Royal made, refer to the link below

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Two days ago, I was doing a bit of scouting through my local mall, and visited several retail stores. I was really looking to take pictures on an authentic pair of the Jordan 12 Black Royal for the sake of writing a Real Vs Fake Post.One of the stores I visited showed me a lot of grace by allowing to take several pictures. I specifically asked for a size 9.5 because the fake pair I came across was a 9.5 as well. Here are quick tips to identify the replicas ( again this is not an exhaustive list ).

real vs fake air jordan 12 black game royal 3

The “Jumpman” text on the plastic tab sits in the middle on the authentic pair, but on the replica it is almost adjacent to the edge of the tab. If you zero in on the yellow squared area, you’ll notice that the end of the tab extends further down on the authentic pair and is cut short on the fakes.

real vs fake air jordan 12 black game royal 1

Keep in mind that both pairs are size 9.5’s; the spacing between the edge of the bottom of the heel tab and the midsole is very small on the authentic pair and wide on the fakes ( see yellow line). Not only does the jumpman logo have wider legs on the fake pair , but the space that encloses the jumpman is a lot smaller on the fakes as well ( see yellow square).

real vs fake air jordan 12 black game royal 2

The #23 is placed a little too high on the fake pair ( it’s supposed to be slightly at the center ). The edge of the midsole is curvy and in the shape of a parabola on the authentic pair but the same edge looks like half a parabola on the fakes ( see yellow circles).The because the midsole is of a lighter shade of blue on the fake pair, you can see that it’s translucent ( you can see a dark shape on the fake pair that is almost non existent on the authentic pair).

real vs fake air jordan 12 black game royal 4

You can clearly that the differences highlighted by the arrows ( extra ridges on the fakes, smaller gap on the fakes). And if you look at the leg of the jumpman ( see yellow arrow) it appears to be elongated on the fakes.

real vs fake air jordan 12 black game royal

The fake pair was produced in march ( 3/20/19) while the authentic pair’s production started in April ( 4/3/19).  The area surrounding the edge of the inside label is distinct from the area inside the label on the authentic pair; on the fake pair, its homogeneous. The gap between the “xc” and he edge of the inside labal is wider on the fake pair.

real vs fake air jordan 12 black game royal 5

I also deemed it important to add this picture to show you the differences in the inclination of the heel counters of both pairs ( the fake pair is more steep). And it’s also vital to notice the difference between the heel liner of both pairs ( this time the authentic pair has a steeper inclination- see yellow secant lines).

There you have it folks, if I notice more differences in weeks to come, I’ll be sure to update the post.

PS:I’ve done a lot of comparisons between fake and authentic sneakers over the last couple of years, and realized  I never put together a comprehensive list of all the posts I created. So to help you guys make better decisions prior to making any purchases online from third party merchants, I created this Legit check list today ( over 100 comparisons). I’ll update it periodically because fakes/replicas are getting upgraded as I type this. The replica industry has been using our comparisons to perfect their items, basically they look at the flaws we point out and fix them. So it’s an ongoing problem and I’ll do my best to keep this post as current as possible

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