Real VS Fake Air Jordan 11 Concord #45 | Quick Tips To Identify The Fakes

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I picked up a size 9 of the Air Jordan 11 Concord for the purpose of doing a side by side comparison with the fakes. So here are quick ways to identify the fakes

The toe box of the fake pair is very bulky as you can see in the picture above. It almost rises up near the front. Another obvious nuance between the two pairs is the coloration of the outsole ( blue on the fakes and crystal on the authentic pair see yellow rectangle).

The patent leather is cut higher on the authentic pair ( see yellow arrow). The outsole of the fake pair obviously occupies more space and is icey blue ( I indicated that with the red rectangles).Also take a look at the differences in the legs of the jumpman between both pairs.

The material on the heel panel of the authentic pair is grainy; the fake pair shows only subtle signs of that ( see red squares).

Again the toe area features portions of the outsole and the pictures shows you the contrast between both pairs ( blue and hardly translucent on the fakes and clear on the real pair).

The jumpman logo on the fake pair is deformed; you can also see that the stitching on the authentic pair is cleaner and the letters are clearly thicker.

The only comment I’ll add her is the fact that usually on the fakes, the logo on the sockliner will peel off upon initial wear. The “Nike” text is fuller on the authentic pair ( see yellow arrow).

The “9” does not look the same between both box labels and the font of the letters is bolder on the authentic pair.

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tayib salami