Real VS Fake Air Jordan 1 UNC Patent Leather-Quick Ways To Identify The Fake Pair

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The Air Jordan 1 UNC “Patent Leather” edition has totally surprised me as far its market value is concerned. The sneaker is reselling for as high as $1300 on sizes 13 and above so it’s no surprise that bootleggers have targeted it. I was fortunate enough to get a couple of sizes and was able to use them as a backdrop for the comparison below. The fake pair in the picture is of a size 11 so be mindful of that.


When it comes to the Jordan 1 High, the height is always problematic for the replica factory. I’m surprised that with all the acquired machinery, they still can’t get it right. You can clearly see that the authentic pair is much higher than the fake one. The liner inclination is steep on the real pair and almost flat on the fake one.

You can also see that the spacing between the edge of the “wings logo” and the edge of the strap is smaller on the authentic pair than it is on the fake. Here is the quick irony, the fake pair is a size 11, so you’d think that the “wings logo” would be relatively the same or larger on the fakes but it’s the complete opposite. It also appears dull and too subtle on the fakes ( referring to the wings logo), see red arrow.

The pictures above just highlight more of the difference in the inclination of the heel liner and also gives you a better look at the contrast between both “wings logos”

Once again, the back view shows you clearly that the fake pair is shorter than the its authentic counterpart.

They clearly messed up the box label on this shoe, the fake label is missing the word “WMNS” and the colorway is also clearly wrong ( it’s supposed to be obsidian blue chill-white, the fake pair is light blue black white).

There you have it folks, I’m sure bootleggers will look at this post and upgrade the replica pair so stay tuned for further updates.

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