Real VS Fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Cactus Jack-Quick Tips To Bust The Fakes

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I don’t have a lot of time on my hands this morning so I’ll cut to the chase. I’ve already seen several pairs of the replica Travis Scott Jordan 1 on eBay and unfortunately, some have already been purchased by unsuspecting buyers. I had a hard time with this comparison this morning because I didn’t have enough images of authentic pairs to confidently bust the fakes. So I leaned on a few pictures I fetched from couple of legitimate eBay sellers and a sneaker blogs.

Both of the pictures above are of a size 9.5 so technically features and stitching ought to be almost the same. But you can see that the swoosh logo isn’t adjacent to the stitching. But the most important nuances to point out are the glossiness of the leather material on the swoosh logo ( usually it is almost buttery and soft but the fake leather appears rigid , see arrow). Moreover the “wings logo” is also glossy on the authentic pair and very flat on the fake one. The heel overlay appears damp on the real pair; the edges of the panel overplays are crooked on the fakes.

This always happens with most fake jordan 1’s, they are bulky and short sized in comparison to the real pairs. And the authentic pair has a bottle like shape, zero in on the yellow lines, you’ll tell the difference.The spacing between the heel liner and the heel overlay is bigger on the authentic pair than it is on the fakes.

The logo on the sockliner is made of a cheap substance that quickly peels off upon initial wear as it pertains to the fake pair. You can clearly see that the “a, u” are missing on the fake pair’s sockliner, see yellow boxes.

The fake labels show that the replica pairs were produced much earlier ( between September and November). Moreover the real pairs bear the “xc” factory tag on them while the fake ones bear an “sz” tag.

You can clearly see that the “” logo is not co linear with the BR sizing digits on the fake pair, but sit slightly above it, see yellow lines.

There you have it folks, for those interested in legitimate pairs, buy it VIA STOCKX-CLICK HERE



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