Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 Sports Illustrated- Quick Tips To Identify The Fakes

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This is the last real vs fake post of the year and I’m gearing up for the new ones as we get into 2019. The replica industry has turned it up a notch and it is going to get even harder to identify bootlegs but I made a vow to continue to be one of the  Sherlock Holmes of replicas as long as there is breath in me. I was able to pick up a pair of size 9.5 of the Jordan 1 Sports Illustrated and pinned it against its fake counterpart, here are the nuances I spotted.

The height of the fake pair is clearly in question here, the replica looks more like a pair of Mid Jordan 1 ( see yellow lines).

The fake pair has the wrong laces ( they are supposed to be consistent with Christmas colors-red and green), but are white on the bootlegs- that’s an easy fix though.

The red color on the wings logo is very bright on the fake pair.

Here is a better look at both pairs ( you can clearly see how the craftsmanship is sub par on the fakes, take a close look at the contour and the shape of the figures of the wing)

The yellow lines are supposed to point out the differences that occur at the edges between both pairs, I won’t add any other comment ( just look at the direction of the lines and you’ll see the nuances). The yellow rectangles are meant to show you the differences in the materials between both pairs. And the yellow arrow pointing down puts the emphasis on the difference between the spacing on both pairs.

The Nike air logo on the red tab pretty much takes the entire space on the authentic pair ( on the fake pair the logo appears to only occupy half of the tab).

The distribution of the holes is completely off on the fake pair ( see yellow circles). No comments on the other nuances,  you can spot them yourself ( it’s obvious).

Zero in on the stitching and the red line and arrow which show you the nuance in the spacing.

The white color on the nike air logo on the sock liner appears flat on the authentic pair.

The production dates aren’t the same ( the fake pair was produced much earlier) and I’m expecting bootleggers to make upgrades very soon.

The “9.5” looks thicker and bolder on the fake pair and the label features a different color code on the replica as well.

There you have it folks, I’m definitely expecting bootleggers to make changes very soon , so stay tuned

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