Real VS Fake Air Foamposite One Maroon Gum: Tips To Avoid Them

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Someone will say Real VS Fake Air Foamposite One Maroon Gum already? How can you do a comparison when the shoes aren’t even out yet. Well , it’s very simple you have to stay ahead of the game; i had a chance to see the Air Foamposite One Maroon Gum early, so i took some key pictures for this very purpose. The differences here are so subtle and it is getting to the point where it is darn near impossible to bust these fakes.

Real VS Fake Air Foamposite One Maroon Gum Comparison:


The first thing you notice when you look at the outsole is the color shade; the gum sole on the authentic pair is lighter. The herringbone pattern is different; darker and deeper threads on the real pair with sharper peaks. On the fake pair, the peaks on the herringbone threads is more round and the threads are not deep enough.Furthermore, when you look at the little holes around the edges of the sole , they are deeper on the authentic pair.


Everything is off on the box label; the numbers, letters are bigger,bolder and legible on the authentic box and seem to be dressed in a lightbone color scheme. But on the fake box, the letters, numbers are small and clean white. The Fake label also features the text “USA and some foreign scriptures” near the upc code; the dashes on the suggested retail price area are more visible on the authentic label.

These are the main differences that I noticed; but to be honest with you guys, these shoes are “darn” near identical. The maroon Foamposite will officially release on October 20.

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tayib salami