Real VS Fake Adidas Ultra Boost Mid Ronnie Fieg

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The Ronnie Fieg Adidas Ultra Boost Mid released about a week ago; they feature a multicolored Primeknit upper, with white detailing on the TPU heel counter, boost midsole and the tongue tab. The neck of the shoe extends all the way up to the ankle to cushion the foot, and gives it a sock like fit. The interesting part about these shoes is the absence of the usual cage/lacing system, but you can still see the Adidas 3 stripes camouflaged on both medial and lateral sides. Fake pairs of the shoes have already been produced and here are some quick tips to avoid them.

Real VS Fake Adidas Ultra Boost Mid Ronnie Fieg

The slanted yellow line  shows you how steep the heel counter angle is on the fakes compared to the shallow and wider angle on the authentic pair ( the real pair is on the left). There are more wrinkles and ridges on the neck of the authentic pair; the wrinkles are barely noticeable on the fakes ( see yellow circle). The three stripes on the side panels is dark, vivid and visible on the authentic pair but hard to see on the fakes ( see yellow rectangles).

You can clearly see that the dark shade around the edge of the toe box is nonexistent on the fake pair ( see yellow circle. Similarly the shaded area near the lace holes on the authentic pair that is missing on the fakes ( see yellow rectangle).

Clear contrast between both outsoles ( white outsole on the authentic pair and black on the fakes).

The boxes look different as well ( the authentic box comes in purple, white and gold and the fake box is black, white and yellow).

Like I said before, I’m sure the fakes will get a face lift very soon so use sound judgement when buying these from a non retailer.

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tayib salami