How To Quickly Spot The Fake Triple Black Adidas NMD R1

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Hopefully you were able to secure a pair of the triple Red & Black NMD R1 pack; if not I still got a few sizes up in my store for your convenience. During one of my routine online searches yesterday, I spotted a Fake Triple Black Adidas NMD R1, and wanted to show you quick tips to spot them. Like I always say, I believe prevention is better than damage control so you’ll be wise to check the comparison below prior to buying the shoes from a non retailer.

I might be exaggerating on this one but if you look close enough at the Adidas wording, it appears crooked on the fake pair. And you can also see that the “R” is barely legible on the replica pair.

Fake Triple Black Adidas NMD R1

The gap between the three stripes and the lace loops is bigger on the replica pair and much smaller on the authentic one ( see yellow arrows). And the boost beads on the fakes look atrocious.

The EVA insert on the authentic pair is really thick ( check how more puffed it looks); on the other hand the fake pair has a very thin insert ( check the arrow pointing down). The side inserts are intended to add more cushioning so with that thin of an insert, i’m not sure how comfortable the shoes will be.

Fake Triple Black Adidas NMD R1

Do I even to tell you the obvious here? the boost is clearly white on the authentic pair but grey and black on the fakes. That’s probably the most noticeable difference you will catch right away.

Fake Triple Black Adidas NMD R1

The labels are completely different on both boxes; this is the regular NMD R1 with a mesh construction. The fake one has the “PK” on the label which means the shoes were built with the “primeknit” material- absolutely false. Now some might say the boxes do not have the same color but I just bought a pair of the white NMD R1 from DTLR, and the size 11 came in a blue box while other sizes came in a black box. So I wouldn’t just focus on the color of the box.

I’m sure better replicas will surface soon, so be sure to check the site for further updates .

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