Quick Ways To Spot The Fake Air Jordan 12 Alternate Gym Red

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I created the HAS ( Housakicks Authentication Service) for the sole purpose of preventing folks from buying fake sneakers online or wherever. Last night, a gentleman reached out to me with the following message after purchasing the service,

These a pair of Air Jordan 12 Alternate Gym Red size 13 that I won on a recent Ebay auction, and I just received these in the mail a couple of days ago. I’m kind of getting an odd feeling about these being legit or not. I’m not a Jordan’s expert in any way or an expert at legit checking. So I’m hoping you could help me out. My areas of concern as seen in the pics, are the Jumpman tags they seem unusually large and they don’t line up flush, and the pull tags in the back. I’ve included as many pics as I can and I put them inside of a zip file that’s attached

Authenticating sneakers isn’t an easy task as it requires attention to details, so I usually process the requests I receive within a 24  hour window especially when it comes to sneakers I haven’t deal with before. There are so many variables to consider when performing this task i.e size of the shoe ( spacing may differ), colors ( lighting may be a factor), just to name a few obstacles one can run into. So here quick ways to avoid the fake pair of the Air Jordan 12 Gym Red in size 13.

The jumpman logo on the fake pair isn’t probably centered and the edge of the tongue is crooked. The tong itself appears very short and the jumpman logo looks awkward ( poor craftsmanship).

The plastic tab extends further at the edges on the fake pair ( see yellow squares)

The details on the eyelets are totally different, I included the yellow lines to show you how much more extended the bottom of the eyelet is on the authentic pair.

All the authentic pairs I’ve come across have been produced via LN3 factory. The jumpman on the inside label appears to be adjacent to the edge on the fake pair. If you look at the label of the authentic pair, there appears to be spacing between the jumpman and the edge of of the label.

I could add a myriad of pictures but these are the essential, you can buy authentic pairs on STOCKX-CLICK HERE

tayib salami